Top 10 React Native Component Libraries

Best React Native Component Libraries for 2023

Nipuni Arunodi
8 min readJan 19


React Native is a JavaScript framework for building mobile apps using React. React Native Component Libraries are pre-built, reusable components that can be easily added to a React Native app to provide additional functionality, such as navigation, forms, and more. Some popular React Native component libraries include React Navigation, React Native Elements, and React Native Paper. These libraries can save developers time and effort by providing pre-built, tested, and well-documented components that can be easily integrated into a React Native app. So, in this article, I will discuss the most famous component libraries used in react native.

1. NativeBase

NativeBase is open-source software. NativeBase is accessible on the web. Using the same JavaScript script, you can create a platform-specific design for your app that works on Android and iOS. With NativeBase, an app’s look and feel can be customized. It significantly reduces the amount of work necessary for mobile app development. You may quickly create native applications with NativeBase. NativeBase has more than 71.4K weekly NPM downloads and 18.9K GitHub stars.

Features of NativeBase

  • You can quickly create accessible design systems.
  • NativeBase provides 40 or so components to enable fluid building.
  • The theme and component styles of your app are completely customizable.
  • React Native Web is the engine behind NativeBase 3.0, allowing you to create consistent UIs across the Web, Android, and iOS.
  • Both the light and dark modes of NativeBase are optimized.

2. React Native Elements

React Native Elements is another comprehensive cross-platform UI toolkit with numerous donated components. To ensure that the API…